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Cuisine, ambience, experience, memories

Ramailo restaurant & café is your melting pot for rich & authentic delicacies, cuisine that are from diverse cultures. In Gorkhali and Nepali dialects, Ramailo means mood, delicious & delightful. Ramailo is an experiential platform that serves food for thought and tongue. There is something for every individual, every mood, every occasion at Ramailo. For families, couples, friends, artists, creators, influencers – Ramailo provides the delicacies and ambience for lifetime of memories

Appealing your taste buds, cuisine and experiences are personalised in an ambience to provide our customers and patrons lifelong memories. We infuse culinary arts, music, and artistry to appeal to all the five senses – taste, smell, touch, sight and sound.

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Our Founder

Ramailo Cafe is our dream to create a world class experiential platform – combining the traditional with the modern; Nepalese, Indian, Mediterranean, Middle-Eastern – culinary arts, spices, herbs, ingredients that are locally available to bring freshness to each serving, to appeal to individual taste buds. 

Himanshu Thapa

Our Vision & Mission


Provide authentic, rich, diverse cuisines rooted in traditional and modern culinary arts. Appeal to the five senses - taste, smell, touch, vision and sound.


Collaborate with local musicians, bands, performing artists, poets, writers, stand-up artists, orators, creators, influencers to provide a holistic value exchange and experiential platform.


Provide exquisite experiences that are special and memorable.

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Our Specialist Cuisine

Nepali Cuisine

Authentic Nepali / Gorkhali Cuisine specially dal-bhat-tarkari-achar and meat cooked in a specific traditional Nepali style

Indian Cuisine

Variety of regional and traditional cuisines native to India given the diversity of soil, climate, culture and locally available spices and herbs

Italian Cuisine

The Mediterranean diet forms the basis of Italian cuisine, rich in pasta, fish, fruits and vegetables. Cheese, cold cuts are central to Italian cuisine, and along with pizza and coffee (especially espresso) form part of Italian gastronomic culture

Mediterranean Cuisine

Mediterranean cuisine is made up of plant food and minimally processed staples where herbs and spices are essential ingredients. Usually, there's lots of fruit, veggies, legumes, grains, olive oil and aromatic herbs


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